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Professional installation.

New and re-roofing.

New installations.

Cleaning and maintenance available.

RMAX Polyiso
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Prodex High R.

Create an energy efficient home and office.

Safety from wild fires.
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We are your full-service San Francisco Bay Area roofing installation company located in San Rafael; serving Marin and Sonoma Counties (Petaluma, Cotati, Rohnert Park, Santa Rosa), San Francisco, west Contra Costa County (Richmond, El Cerrito, Kensington, El Sobrante) and west Alameda County (Berkeley, Oakland, Alameda).

Above are photos of the front entrance cover for the Willard Middle School in Berkeley, California, constructed by Aussie Roofing in 2006, with Berridge Metal Standing Seam Roof.

Aussie Roofing specializes in four areas: roofing, gutters, insulation and ventilation; and we will soon be offering solar energy services.

Some of our familiar installations are: composition shingles; high standards built up roofing (modified bitumen); Eagle concrete roofing tile, Monier Lifetile, cement tile, ceramic tile, clay tile; Decra, Gerard and Custom-Bilt Metals® stone coated steel roofing, metal tile (steel roof), real slate, simulated slate, wood shakes and shingles, simulated shakes, aluminum shakes, steel shingles, copper shingles; metal standing-seam roofs; EPS rigid foam insulation; blown-in fiberglass attic insulation; Prodex aluminum foam high R insulation; ventilation; gutters and downspouts; skylights, sun tunnels; shake and tile roof restorations, and changing a flat roof to pitched house.

Some of our unfamiliar installations may be for the "green construction" minded, where we offer products that are Energy Star standard and made of renewable resources such a recycled rubber and plastics.

We have been in business as contractors in the San Francisco Bay Area for over twenty-five years with facilities in San Rafael. Licensed by the State of California for roofing since 1983 (California Contractor License: C-39 Roofing License #823443).

Aussie Roofing is a corporation with two full-time crews. Our key installers have been with us since the early 1990's; they are Journeymen/Craftsmen.

We have our own lift-bed/scissor trucks (used for removal of debris and delivery of new materials to the roof), our own seamless gutter machines, and our attic blown-in fiberglass insulation machine. We are fully equipped to reroof and/or gutter your projects. Also available are roof-top delivery equipment and service from our suppliers.

HOA: Condominium Owners: In 2002, we completed our largest project so far by installing a new roof and new gutter system to a condo complex in Mill Valley. We understand the top issues for homeowner associations; and with our experience, we would like to work with your condominium homeowners association in reaching your goals. Our team can handle condominium, apartment and multi-unit projects.

Aussie Roofing is a member of the Better Business Bureau and is accredited by the BBB.


Orlando Guastella

Roofing References

Our Certificates of Workers' Compensation, general liability insurance, bonded roofers and references are available.

To take a look at some of the roofing projects we've done, view our Roofing References Search NOW!

Special Warranties

Aussie Roofing is certified by GAF-Elk. GAF-Elk offers composition shingles steep-pitch and low-pitched roofing systems with an extra warranty when installed by us. This GAF-Elk authorized extra warranty provides non-prorated labor and materials warranties available from GAF-Elk when installed by Aussie Roofing.

Aussie Roofing also is part of the Eichler Network for flat-roofing installations. For reroofing an Eichler home there are extra labor and material warranties available on labor and materials from GAF (the manufacturer) when installed by Aussie Roofing.

Aussie Roofing, Inc. offers other revolutionary top-of-the-line roofing systems, and can provide you a 20% savings on other materials and installation! We also offer the Gerard Roofing System; and other high quality roofing systems originally "from Down Under" (now manufactured in the U.S.A.).

For Commercial Low-Slope Systems we can offer a no dollar limit warranty from GAF having a manufacturer's warranty when installed by Aussie Roofing.

"Aussie" Universal Interlocking 'J' Roof Mounting Bracket®

We also offer to contractors and home-craftsmen the "Aussie" Universal Interlocking 'J' Roof Mounting Bracket®. This special 'J' Bracket® is designed to work with Gerard tile "shake" panels, Decra, or other stone coated steel roofing systems over a 2x2 batten. It provides a clean, no-leak, weatherproof installation of a strong galvanized Universal 'J' Bracket® used for mounting solar panels, air conditioners, swamp coolers, and roof walkways over the roof.

I look forward to servicing your roofing needs,
Orlando Guastella
Aussie Roofing, Inc.
Licensed, Bonded, Insured
Honor Roll Member of the Better Business Bureau

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GAF-ELK Certified Weather Stopper Roofing Contractor

GAF-ELK Master Commercial Roofer

Aussie Roofing is an Authorized installer of GAF Products. We offer extra, and better manufacture warrenties than most other contractors can.

Qualifications - Certifications

Aussie Roofing, License #823443

GAF Materials Corporation

"Less than 6 of each 100 professional roofing contractors in the country meet the professional qualifications and commit to the superior standards required to become certified."

"The special Smart Choice® System Plus Limited Warranty can only be installed by a factory certified organization. Customers can receive much greater peace of mind because these enhanced warranties more than double the coverage of traditional roofing warranties."

"Aussie Roofing is especially qualified for installing a Weather Stopper Roofing system. By reputation, your company is among the very top for the entire United States in both quantity and quality of these installations."

David Harrison
GAF Materials Corporation
Senior Vice President of Marketing, Contractor Services and Corporate Development

Shingle Roofs
Slate Roofs
Intec All Star Gold Contractor Award

US Intec (now GAF Commercial Division)

[Accreditations now apply with GAF]

"You have qualified to apply all types of U.S. Intec Commercial Penal Sum Guarantees, and to purchase No Dollar Limit Guarantees, up to 15 years in length. The criteria for both earning and maintaining this status are based on your reputation for quality, craftsmanship, and dedication to exceptional customer service."

"U.S. Intec is dedicated to supporting you as a qualified, professional contractor and as an integral component in attaining the highest quality commercial roof systems. Your demonstrated abilities, along with your commitment to maintain the required performance standards, have distinguished you as a leader within the industry. As an All Star Gold Contractor, you are among a small group of contractors in the nation who exhibit the best in commercial roofing, while maintaining the high standards of training, industry involvement, and business management."

Kem W. Scott
U.S. Intec, Inc.

Tile Roofs

Metal Shingle Roofs

US Tile

"Orlando: I am writing to commend you on the professional job you did installing Claylite, our lightweight clay 'S' tile in San Rafael. It was a complex project with many difficult elements and you handled each one of them with expertise and care. I am looking forward to continued success working with you on future projects!"

Rod Fickel
Marketing Development Manager
US Tile

and many other roof types


  1. GAF Steep Pitch Certified Installer
  2. GAF Low Pitch Master Installer
  3. CERTAINTEED Steep Pitch Select Shingle Roofer
  4. Owens Corning (Roofing & Insulation Accredited)

BBB rating for Aussie Roofing

Aussie Roofing is a member of the California Better Business Bureau and is accredited by the BBB.

Marin Builders Association

Marin Builders Association Member

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Is your Contractor's License in good standing?
    Yes. Aussie Roofing has been licensed by the State of California since 1983. New Corporate License #823443 since December 2002.
  2. Are your roofers full-time employees, or are they sub-contracted or day labor?
    My roofers are full-time employees. I've had these same crews since the early 1990's.
  3. Do your roofers have Workers Compensation Insurance? Is the policy in good standing?
    Yes, and the policy is in good standing.
  4. Do you have Contractor Liability Insurance? (Many roofers do not have this insurance. It is very expensive, but very important!)
    Yes, we carry $1 million coverage.
  5. What about permits? Does your roofing company pull the building permit?
    Yes. It's included in the price.
  6. Can the customer pay the supply company directly for materials?
    Yes you can. We have current accounts with all our suppliers, and they are willing to receive payments from our customers, if requested.
  7. What warranties do you give?
    We give a 5-year or 10-year installation warranty from Aussie Roofing, covering leak repair and defects in installation. The material manufacturer will give their own product warranty for the longevity of the product.

    Some of our manufacturers back our work with an additional labor warranty:
    • GAF-ELK: Composition Shingles & Flat Built-Up Systems
  8. What types of roofs do you install?
    All kinds. See the Products page.
  9. Do you clean up the job site?
    Yes. Daily and upon completion.
  10. Do you replace all flashings?
  11. What about gutters?
    We recommend gutters on most roofing jobs, but this depends upon your circumstances, age of gutters, etc. Normally when a roof is ready to be replaced, the gutters are nearing the end of their useful life. It's more cost effective to replace the gutters when the roof is being installed, and saves disturbing the perimeter of your new roof at a later date. See our Seamless Gutters page for more details.
  12. What about skylights?
    If you are considering a skylight, the time to have the work done is when reroofing. We install VeLux Skylights, O'Keeffe's and other popular brands.
  13. What about sun tunnels?
    Sun tunnels are a less expensive skylight system. We install "The Original Sun Tunnel" by VELUX.
  14. Will you give an address list of all houses you have roofed under your current contractors license? (The best judge of a roofer's experience is the homeowner who has already been through what you are now considering. CHECK REFERENCES!)
    We have references going back to 1983. Any and all of them are available upon request.

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