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The "Aussie" Universal Interlocking 'J' Roof Mounting Bracket® was invented by Orlando Guastella at Aussie Roofing. This special 'J' Bracket® is designed to work with Gerard and Decra tile and shake panels; and other stone-coated steel roofing systems.

It provides a clean, no-leak, weatherproof installation of a strong 10 gauge galvanized steel. The Universal 'J' Bracket® is designed to be used for mounting solar panels, air conditioner mount roof pitched, swamp coolers, roof walkways, signs, etc., to the roof. Available to contractors and home-craftsmen. Order your supply today for your next project!

Installation Details

Always locate the Universal 'J' Bracket® over and above where the rafter and/or 1"x4" (25x100mm) counter batten is located.

A minimum of three fasteners should be used: (two 5/16" wood screws and one 20d nail). The two screw fasteners go into the rafter, through the 1"x4," and one nail into the 2"x2" panel batten. (See illustration.) Pilot holes have to be drilled large enough to clear the screws.

Space the Universal 'J' Brackets® every 48" minimum (12,000mm) across the roof. This may be changed to suit the item being supported. (The Universal 'J' Bracket® is designed to accommodate an exposed 2"x4" or 2"x6" metal or wood plank.) Other bracket type attachments could also be attached.

If exterior lumber is used, it shall be a treated type lumber. The lumber shall be fastened to the Universal 'J' Bracket® with an appropriate size (minimum 5/16" screws with washers and nuts as needed).


Illustration of the Aussie Universal Interlocking J Roof Mounting Bracket

1. Secure the Universal 'J' Bracket®.

2. Fit panels around 'J' Bracket® and secure as normal.

3. Install horizontal support material and secure to 'J' Bracket®.

Drawing showing J Bracket inserted between tiles.
Illustration showing nail points on J Bracket and tile.Install horizontal support material and secure to J Bracket.



This product is now in its eleventh year of use, absent any complaints regarding leakage or reaction to wind. There have been no complaints from customers or solar contractors nationwide. Laboratory load testing has been performed in December, 2008. This bracket is designed to interlock with a stone-coated steel tile panel roof system, accommodating a wind resistance rating of up to 120 mph.

The bracket is stronger than the tile and secured with a much more durable fastener than either the tile or its wood frame (5/16" wood screw into the rafter). It is installed quickly, saving time and extra material without the need to install a "pole type" stand-off with flashing and an extra panel. Also the 'J' Bracket® has the added feature—its "no-leak" interlocking ability.

Load Tests:

J-Bracket Test Results SUMMARY PDF File.

J-Bracket Test Results FULL DOCUMENTATION PDF File.

If you need Adobe Acrobat Reader, download it free now

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