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Berridge Metal Roofs

Metal Roof Types

Discover the most comprehensive line of architectural metal products in the industry: Simply click on a link below for more information:

Metal Standing Seam

Berridge Curved, Compound Curved & Tapered Tee-Panel

Berridge Straight or Curved High Seam Tee-Panel System

Berridge Cee-Lock

Berridge Zee-Lock

Berridge Batten Seam

Berridge Bermuda Roof System

Berridge Spanish Tile

Berridge S-Tile

Berridge Rustic Shake Shingles

Berridge Curved Flat Seam Panel

Berridge Victorian & Classic Shingles

Berridge Fish Scale Shingle

Berridge Curved & Straight "S" Deck

Berridge "R" Panel

Berridge "M" Panel

Berridge Deep-Deck Roof, Deck & Wall Panel

Berridge Double-Rib Roof Panel

Berridge Flush Seam Panel

Berridge Thin-Line Panel

Berridge FW-12 & Vented FW-12 Panel

Berridge Vee-Panel & Vented Vee-Panel

Berridge B-6 Panel

Berridge Fluted Fascia Panel

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...Learn more about color choices for metal roofing at Berridge Colors

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